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​​Nick Yatrakis #34

​​Strong Safety
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Nick Yatrakis played from 2007-2008 and was the kind of player that every team wants. Nick was the first ever person to sign a contract to play for the Fighting Irish in 2007. He played strong safety for the Irish and was a key contributor on and off the field.

Nick was a true leader by example and would do anything asked of him by the team. He would play any position needed whether it was his usual strong safety or if it was linebacker, offensive line, and even running back once. He was also a major person in helping with the inception of the Fighting Irish back in 2007.

Nick was a 2nd team New York Amateur Football League all-star at strong safety in 2007. He registered a total of 63 tackles in his two years with the Irish placing him currently 8th among active and retired players. He finished his career with 42 solo, 19 assist, 2 sacks, and 3 Fumble recoveries. He also had four carries for 32 yards and a TD in 2007.

Always having a presence and act of being around the ball, Nick to this day has the most career fumble recoveries among any past, or present, Fighting Irish member. In Troy’s first ever win, 42-0, over the Glove-Cities Colonials in 2007 Nick led the defensive charge with 9 solo tackles as the Irish shutout the Colonials.

Walking away from the game after just two short years with the Irish, Nick is now married with two twin boys and is coaching football at the high school level.

Nick Yatrakis has set an example for future Irish players when he was playing and Troy’s Fighting Irish would like to thank him for all his hard work. Now we would like to present him with the last jersey he will ever wear for the Irish. As today he is honored with his gold Troy’s Fighting Irish Hall of Fame jersey and we welcome him as the first ever member of the Troy’s Fighting Irish Hall of Fame.

On behalf of Troy's Fighting Irish we all would like to say THANK YOU AND CONGRATULATIONS to Nick for all your hard work and dedication in the past!