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​​Krystal Young-Skervin

​​Concession Stand
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​​Krystal Young-Skervin File
​​​Full Name:
​​Krystal Young-Skervin
​​March, 1987
​​Place of Birth:
​​Albany, NY
​​Albany, NY
​​​High School:
​​Albany High School '05
SUNY Albany ‘10
Krystal is an Albany native who is always eager to see new sights. One of her favorite pastimes are looking for a new adventure while traveling abroad. Krystal has two amazing children that occupies a lot of her free time, and a loving husband that has played for TFI since 2015. Her family is and has always been the center of her world.

Krystal is employed with New York State and received her degrees in Chemical Dependency and Human Services. Inside and outside the office, she is always willing to give the help and support to those that need it, and those that think they don’t need it. It’s something that is embedded in her. Her passion has always been the service of others and volunteering whenever possible. Her biggest volunteer ventures are family adoptions for the holidays, children in need and the homeless.

Krystal’s involvement with TFI began as a cheering wife. After seeing the need for additional funding and hearing the fans make requests about having more snack options during the games, Krystal offered to open up a concession stand and begin doing raffles. With high hopes for the team, Krystal’s first year was successful.  She is eager to see what the upcoming season brings.
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​​​​Troy Fighting Irish
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